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I am reaching out to you today to request your support for the Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library. Our mission is to preserve, promote, and celebrate Irish culture and heritage, and we rely on the generosity of individuals like you to continue our vital work.

The Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library serve as a vibrant hub for the Irish community and enthusiasts of Irish culture in our local area and beyond. We offer a wide range of cultural programs, events, classes, and resources that provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of Ireland's rich history, literature, music, and traditions.

Your help for me to hit my Board member commitment goal can make a significant difference in helping us sustain and expand our offerings. I made this commitment because the Center has done so much for me. It means so much that it is where Blake and I were married.

Whether you are passionate about Irish literature, music, dance, or simply wish to support a diverse and inclusive cultural space, your contribution will help us continue to flourish.

Here's how your donation can make an impact:

  1. Preservation of Irish Heritage: Your support helps us preserve and promote the traditions, language, and customs of Ireland for future generations.

  2. Educational Programs: We offer educational programs for people of all ages, fostering a love for Irish culture through workshops, summer camps, classes, and lectures.

  3. Library Resources: The McClelland Library houses a vast collection of Irish literature and research materials. Your donation helps us maintain and expand this valuable resource.

  4. Cultural Events: We organize and host numerous cultural events throughout the year, connecting our community through music, dance, and other Irish traditions.

Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to achieving our mission and strengthening the bonds of Irish culture within our community.

We sincerely appreciate your consideration and support. Together, we can ensure that the Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library continue to thrive as a cherished cultural institution.

Thank you for helping us keep the spirit of Ireland alive in the Southwest.

ABOUT 2023/2024 ICLF Board Contributions
Name Date Amount Comments
Jeni White 10/16/2023 $100.00  
Stephen Richer 10/09/2023 $100.00 Pro-Laddie
Adam McAnally 10/06/2023 $50.00  
Justin Laos 10/05/2023 $100.00  
Andrew Giddings 10/04/2023 $50.00  
Michele Larson 10/04/2023 $500.00  
  Total $900.00  
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