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Robert Nolan's Fundraising Page
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My name is Robert Dale Nolan, and I am a newly elected trustee of the board for the Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library (ICLF) in Phoenix, Arizona. Like many of the Irish diaspora, my ancestors headed westward from our ancient homeland in search of what all subjugated people seek. I believe we continue that journey today to which is why I write this now to belabor the efforts of the ICLF and our communities. Here in Phoenix, we have painstakingly carved from the very desert a dùn or castle that is the Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library. It is a fortified refuge where we Irish and Celtic folk, or any inquiring-mind can; find resources, connect with our history and culture, and participate in a myriad of local events hosted by local organizational partners or our exceptional staff.

It is my great honor to serve on the board for the ICLF, but a greater honor yet still to extoll the facets of Irish culture that bare manifest our unity with other peoples. A better understanding of the trials, tribulations, and customs of we Irish, diaspora, and all, is directly insightful into how our ancestors and we to have changed and adapted. Ultimately this insight shows how we relate to those suffering from similar circumstances, past and present, across the world.

At the ICLF our grand vision for an inclusive, inviting, and collaborative space is made real with an equally rich array of cultural classes and afflite clubs and organizations. Each bring enriching activities, games and valued community services; like our genealogy library or unique exhibits that reflects culture and the community. Many of these exhibits are on display around the majestic grounds and great hall, here in the heart of Phoenix. It's unmistakable and a local landmark we hope to highlight more through our collaborative efforts with the City of Phoenix and other community organizations. All of these assets, tools, and services are only possible through the donations of people like you, who support our mission.

With your contribution, the Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library can continue their mission to celebrate and promote Irish and Celtic Heritage and its influence on and partnership with other cultures, and I would be personally empowered by your support to continue my work in highlighting these facets of Irish and Celtic culture that bring us closer together and stand as a bulwark against divison, bigotry, and injustice of any kind. 

I ask you to join me on this righteous journey and solemn mission through your generous support and donations.



Robert Dale Nolan


The mission of the Irish Cultural Center is to celebrate and promote Irish and Celtic Heritage and its influence on and partnership with other cultures. The goal of the McClelland Library is to make accessible a comprehensive collection of materials on Ireland and the Irish diaspora on the role of Irish-Americans in Arizona and the Western United States. The Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library are divisions of the Irish Cultural & Learning Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, and are owned and maintained by the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department.

ABOUT 2022/2023 ICLF Board Contributions
Name Date Amount Comments
Robert Nolan 10/06/2022 $120.00 This countribution is made in honor of my Grandmother Margaret Fern Perry ne Thompson, Arizona's first female forklift driver.
Kelly Keuneke 10/06/2022 $5.00  
Quennie Abaquin 09/30/2022 $20.00  
Patrick and May Hill 09/30/2022 $50.00  
Pia Tobes 09/26/2022 $10.00  
Kelly Grijalva 08/23/2022 $50.00  
Frederick Hill 08/19/2022 $150.00  
UFCW Local 99 08/18/2022 $500.00  
Nathaniel Byce 08/18/2022 $50.00  
Ian Day 08/17/2022 $100.00  
Joseph Murphy 08/17/2022 $100.00  
Meghanne Bearden 08/17/2022 $50.00  
Gaelle Esposito 08/17/2022 $10.00  
Frederick Hill 08/05/2022 $40.00  
  Total $1,255.00